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We truly believe that we never really own the land or buildings but are custodians of them for future generations. Because of this, we have a profound commitment to leave those buildings in better condition than we inherited them. Our restoration and renewal program of heritage assets, buildings, and unique character features such as dry stone walls synonymous with the area demonstrate this.

Hill farming has always been and will continue to be the lifeblood of the Estate. With farming going through one of the most radical funding transformations in generations, and environmental care more pertinent than ever, it is vitally important that we support those who work on the Estate through this transition.


Wholly located within the Snowdonia National Park and near the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Harlech Castle and The Slate Landscape of North West Wales, caring for our surroundings is pivotal to everything we do. Moving away from fossil fuels, actively managing the land so as to increase biodiversity, and promoting high welfare animal husbandry, underpins many of the decisions we make.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Ties


Welsh is a living language and an integral part of Welsh culture. We are proud of the fact that the Estate is located in an area where Welsh is the primary language in both spoken and written form. As the birthplace of Ellis Wynne, clergyman and author, a pivotal figure in Welsh language literature, the Estate has an important part to play in honouring this legacy and promoting the Welsh language. We will do this by fostering and developing ties with the local community, and ensuring that all Estate literature, signposting, and physical and digital communication is in bilingual form.


A place is nothing without its people, and we will strive to ensure that all Estate team members, inhabitants, contractors and suppliers are heard, valued and supported so as to build long-lasting partnerships.

Finding us

Glyn Cywarch, Talsarnau, Gwynedd, LL47 6TE

Glyn is located off the B4573 between the town of Harlech and the village of Talsarnau.